An intense background scan of line usage to determine the optimal usage spend on lines and physical demands on available resources.

A look at the month behind to determine costly errors and possible fraudulent usage.

Are you paying the best price for the services you need to run your company.


Telegence serves as a valuable corporate financial enabler, including all aspects of vendor bill management from invoice collection to contract compliance down to individual call level.

  1. Understanding the true costs of your services.
  2. Enabling you to bench-mark your cost profile against the corporate market.
  3. Truly affective cost allocation.
  4. Accurate view of network technology supporting the business.
  5. Identifying the mismatch between actual cost and business needs.
  6. Providing an unparalleled base of data in support of other services and projects.
  7. Contributing significantly to Business Intelligence and Strategic decisions.
  8. Telegence provides an unrivalled ability to allocate telecoms services and usage costs giving a transparent view of the true costs of the network services.  It is the ideal methodology for understanding the services deployed and for managing the environment; most importantly covering the three levels of containing Telecom costs.

With its customisable hierarchy system, RMS is assigned fixed budgets down to a single device Usage Management.

Notification can be sent back to manage personel and individual users to take action upon.

Easily determine private or business call dialling down to user /device level.

Resource Management

RMS provides costing mechanisms and supports the recovery of costs where justified.

  1. Encourages responsible usage by staff members and promotes behavioural changes.
  2. Increases productivity and lessens the impact and infrastructure requirements.
  3. Enables management to promptly identify and address key focus areas.
  4. Provides a sophisticated mechanism to recover the personal usage costs.
  5. Provides HR with vital information to support activity-based costing.
  6. Manages and controls usage across multiple devices.
  7. Sets, monitors and review budgets by device or group device levels.
  8. Flexible, detailed open ended billing reporting.
  9. Identifies Private versus Business calls.
  10. Controls individual and department budgets with the option to cap/lock phone use.
  11. Sends alerts on usage.

All of this is supported by a simple mandate from the client and a strict impartiality towards vendors.

A look at the month behind to determine cost effective services.

Call Dialing Trends

Service Management

Service Management is a pro-active solution, introduced by Telesa, to ensure that your telecommunication services supports the business drivers through a broad vendor management approach with a special focus on service delivery and faults management.

  1. The client achieves significant value from high levels of service availability.
  2. Site changes are professionally managed to ensure that services are in place as required across all service providers.
  3. There is significant cost benefit from the high focus given to capacity management.
  4. Additional cost benefits achieved from the elimination of redundant service.
  5. The effective change management process supports the maintenance of services and account data.